Auto Transport Service in Atlanta

Atlanta is the most populous and capital city of state of GA. It is also the cultural and economic center of the state. Atlanta’s economy is very diverse, dominated by sectors such as transportation, logistics, aerospace, and information technology. Roulez Logistics is one of the leading Logistics companies in the city.

The Best in town:

We provide the best shipping and logistics services at the most affordable rates. We have custom packages according to your needs and offer special discounts as well.

Exceptional Customer Service:

At Roulez Logistics we make customers our prime concern and listen to them so we can guide them in a way to relieve all of their concernments.

Experienced Staff:

Our team consists of experienced and professional individuals that are specially trained in handling all types of vehicles and freight transport and have nerves of steel to work under pressure.

Licensed and Insured:

You can trust us with transport of your vehicles as we are completely insured and licensed company, registered with FMSCA.

Fast Delivery Network:

With a nationwide extensive network consisting of thousands of carriers, Roulez Logistics make, on-time, secure and fast delivery of your vehicle, happen.

No cancellation fee:

We don’t charge a cancellation fee. A cancellation fee is charged only in case when vehicle has already been dispatched for delivery. And we only charge you after the delivery so you can have complete peace of mind while booking us for transport of your cars or any other logistics service.

Door to Door service:

We are providing door to door auto transport services in Atlanta and you can save a lot of time by availing this.

Reliable carriers:

We have the most advanced and modern carriers for transport services. We only select carriers that fulfil the criteria of reliability.

  • Open carriers
  • Enclosed carriers
  • Specialized carriers

Open carriers are most common and affordable method. Enclosed carriers are relatively expensive and used for luxury or classic vehicles. Specialized carriers are used for any other vehicle or for heavy objects such as machinery etcetera.

For further information or a free quote, you can call us 281-819-6633 or email us