Car Shipping in New York City

Car Shipping to and from New York City is quite a feat to pull off if you decide to do it on your own. Instead of making any regrettable decision leading to monetary loss you should leave it to professionals. Roulez Logistics is providing the best car shipping services in New York City.

Why Choose Us:

we understand that shipping your car can be really expensive in a city like New York and that is why we offer really affordable and economical packages according to the size and type of the vehicle and distance needed to be covered.

Types of Carriers:

We offer three different types of transport options for your vehicle

  • Open car/truck transport
  • Enclosed container transport
  • Specialized transport

Open car/truck transport is the cheapest and most widely used mode for transport of vehicles. Enclosed containers are used for expensive or luxury vehicles and specialized transport is for all other types of vehicles with build a little different than regular for example boats and golf carts.

Insured and registered:

Roulez Logistics is Registered with FMSCA and is a completely insured company. So when trusting us with the transport of your vehicle you know that you’re making the right decision.

Professional and friendly staff:

Our staff is well-trained in handling all kinds of logistics transport. We believe in maintaining high standards of professionalism and yet a very friendly and comfortable atmosphere for customers so you can tell us about what you need easily.

Cancellation fee:

If you choose our company to handle the Transport of your vehicle we don’t charge any cancellation fee till the vehicle is assigned to a carrier. Cancellation fee is charged only if your vehicle has already been picked up and assigned to an auto carrier. For more information, you can always call us at 281-819-6633 or email us at