Car Shipping Services in Jacksonville

Jacksonville is the Largest city in Florida and is a regional business center. Ordinary Car shipping services here can quote and charge you infuriatingly high prices. Even the starting price for a regular sedan can be $400 for a short distance.

Why Car shipping services are important:

If you try to ship your car yourself there is a good chance thing will go south and become exasperating for you. And that is why you need to car shipping service that will not try to loot you.

Why Choose Roulez Logistics:

We are Registered company with FMSCA and are fully insured so you can completely trust us and don’t have to worry about the safe transport of your vehicle.

We can specialize in transport of all kinds of vehicles be it a

  • mid-range sedan,
  • expensive crossover utility vehicle,
  • a SUVs,
  • a truck,
  • a boat or any other recreational vehicle.


We have three types of auto transport options available.

  • Open Carriers, that are most commonly used for regular vehicles
  • Enclosed carriers for expensive or classic vehicles.
  • Specialized containers for motorcycles, boats, a four wheeler bike or any other vehicle that does not come under regular cars.
  • We also have the option of co-loading if you want to ship more than one vehicle.

Prepping the car:

Before shipping, we fully prepare the vehicle for transport by

  • making sure tires are properly inflated
  • checking the gas tank
  • giving complete visual inspection
  • securing the car’s exterior

No Extra Charges:

we give a complete breakdown of all the expenses beforehand, prices are fixed and we don’t charge anything extra in case of any unforeseen circumstances i.e. diversion. We also offer special holiday discounts. Just give us a call to get more information at 281-819-6633