Car Shipping Services in California

California is the most popular state of all American states. This makes it evident how people would want to move here and how the businesses are advance here. It is a Golden State, for sure and so are our services! We at Roulez Logistics LLC provide the best Car Shipping Services in California! So if you are moving into any city of California, you can hire us for your vehicle’s shipment. We realize how your vehicles are important to you and how you want them to be safe at all costs!

Types of Car Shipping Services in California
  • Open Car Transport

This is the type of car shipping in which an open truck is used to haul your vehicle. In this shipping, we use a trailer to load your vehicle on to the flatbed, keeping the safety of your vehicle into consideration.

  • Enclosed Car Transport

This is the type of car shipping in which an enclosed truck is used to haul your vehicle. Just like other services, we use a trailer to load up your vehicle, it will be safe throughout the shipment since the truck is closed from all sides.

  • Unique Vehicles and Heavy Equipment

Got a classic vehicle you live and breathe for? Well, worry not if you want to ship it anywhere! Roulez Logistics LLC does that too! Any vintage or luxury vehicle and heavy machinery are also shipped to the city or state of your choice.

Areas We Serve in California

  • Auto Transport Service Sacramento

Vehicle shipping can be stressful but when you hire us, you won’t feel anything. Let us welcome you with our efficient and safe auto transport Service in Sacramento! We will make sure that your vehicle is secure!

  • Auto Shipping Service San Jose

San Jose is all about technology, fun, and entertainment; so are we! Want high-quality Auto Shipping Service in San Jose? We will make sure that you get the quickest and safest shipment. Hire us today!

  • Car Transport Service Fresno

Shipping services can be hard to trust but Roulez Logistics LLC provides Car Transport Service in Fresno as well! There are a lot of companies but we are the one for you because not only our services are quick and efficient but affordable as well.

  • Motorcycle Transport San Diego

Roulez Logistics LLC provides the best Motorcycle Transport in San Diego! We make sure that your motorcycle stays protected and reaches you in time! We strongly stand by what we claim!

  • Auto Transport Service Long Beach

Our goal is to provide high-quality shipping services to our customers. This is why we provide auto transport Service in Long Beach so that everything becomes effortless and hassle-free for you!

If you want to request a quote or just have questions regarding what we do, feel free to call us at our telephone number 281-819-6633 or email us at