Car Transport Services in Miami

Miami is a Premier vacation destination in Florida. It is big city regarding arts, media and world trade. Some of the most famous cars in Miami are:

  • Subcompact SUVs
  • Mid-Size SUVs
  • Full size SUVs
  • Mini vans

All of these cars are relatively expensive vehicles and you can’t trust just any car shipping service with your luxury vehicle.

Why Choose Us:

Roulez Logistics is a leading car Transport Company in Miami. Our staff is well-trained and skilled in transport of any type of cars especially luxury cars, SUVs and classic cars.


We offer three modes of transport for your car:

  • Open car/truck transport for your regular cars. It is the most economical mode of transport.
  • Enclosed car/truck transport that is specially designed for your expensive vehicles
  • Specialized transport for any other type of vehicle.

We also have the option of co-loading available if you want to ship more than one car.

Preparing the car for Transport:

We make sure that your car is fully prepared for the transportation. We take all the precautionary measures to ensure maximum safety of your car on the way.

  • We give a thorough visual inspection to the car
  • Check for any personal belongings so you can remove them.
  • Check the gas tank
  • Turn off the alarm systems
  • Cover the exposed surface of the car to prevent from any scratches and damages.

No Cancellation Fee:

You can book a car transport without worrying about being charged a cancellation fee. We charge you a cancellation fee only if the car is already in mid transit.

Get a free Quote:

If you need any more information about the transport of your car to and from Miami just give us a call 281-819-6633 or you can email us at with all your queries and we’ll get back to you.