Prices are determined by four factors: distance, the time of year, size and operability of your vehicle, as well as your choice to use an open or enclosed trailer.

Your order is usually picked up within a few days of your expected ship date. The time it takes to arrive at the destination depends on miles with an average of 700 miles per day. This is also dependent on weather, traffic and other unforeseen circumstances.

Most auto transport trucks are long and wide, which can prevent them from reaching all residential areas due to narrow roads, power lines, city street ordinances etc. In these cases, the driver will attempt to get as close as possible to the pick-up and delivery location and arrange a convenient location, such as a public parking lot to pick up or deliver your vehicle.

Department of Transportation regulations prohibit the transport of household goods items in vehicles being transported. The items that are transported inside the vehicle are not covered by the insurance or the damage caused to the vehicle by such items. Any item left inside or packed into a vehicle is strictly at the owners risk. No items with a total combined weight of 100 lbs. will not be accepted.

Yes, there will be an extra fee of 100.00 added to the shipping cost due to the many factors it will take to onload your vehicle. At delivery, it is the customers responsibility to supply a method or service to remove vehicle from trailer.

The shipped vehicle is covered under the carriers liability and cargo insurance the complete time it is under the carriers possession. A thorough inspection is recommended prior and after receiving your vehicle with the carriers agreement of damages.